Mosquito Control Products Available to the Public

Yard Foggers and Insect Sprays

Barrier Sprays

Repellents containing DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide)

Non-DEET repellent endorsed by the CDC- Picaridin

Bti microbial for larval control in water

Bti larval control

Products for larval control in water (i.e. ponds)

Larval control

Products for use on pets


The Northwest Mosquito Abatement District has not evaluated the effectiveness of these products and this website is not an endorsement of  their use.  They are merely examples of some of the products currently available to consumers interested in providing their own mosquito control and are provided for informational purposes only.  Many of these products contain insecticides/repellents that are similar to those used by many Mosquito Abatement Districts.  As with all insecticide/repellent products the consumer is responsible for any risks when using these products.  All consumers are advised to consult insecticide labels before using these products.  The Northwest Mosquito Abatement District is not responsible for the use or misuse of these products and offers no guarantee's of success in mitigating a mosquito problem when implemented by the consumer.